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        Boise Pride 2007 is coming on June 9th


Boise Pride 2006 was generously sponsored by

with special donations and support from The Idaho Human Rights Education Center, National Organization for Women, The Treasure Valley Chapter of Parents, Family & Friends of Lesbians & Gays, The American Civil Liberties Union, The Community Center, Allies Linked for the Prevention of HIV/AIDS, Planned Parenthood of Idaho, The Interfaith Alliance, The Idaho Women's Network, JAM Design, Treasure Valley Metropolitan Community Church, The Pleasure Boutique and
The Balcony Club


Incredible Prizes Donated by:  Andre's, Avis, Boise Co-Op, The Boise Weekly, The Brick Oven Bistro, Capital City Market, The Dragonfly, Epitome, Flying Pie Pizza, Mai Thai, The Milky Way, Mollie Rasmussen, NeoTech, Piazza di Vino, Spirit Distributors, Ten, Villano's, Yen Ching  

The 2007 Boise Pride Celebration will be held June 3rd-10th.  Thank you to all who attended the weeks events last year and to all the volunteers that helped!  Also, thank you to the businesses and organizations that made last year's Pride possible!

Would you like to help organize Pride in 2007?  Please email us  We'd love to hear from you as soon as possible!  The organizing starts as soon as February, so call now to get involved!


.  If you’ve enjoyed Pride in Boise in the past, or really wanted to see something different, now is your chance to become more than a participant.  Help shape the event! Contact us at  and put Pride in the subject line to help organize and plan Pride Week events. - Hosted By The Community Center in Boise - is a pretty exhaustive list of links on everything from community clubs to resources for gay youth.


Know Your Queer History!

by Alan Virta, Nicole LeFavour, and Keith Gaines
The Idaho Territorial Legislature makes sodomy illegal, punishable by no less than five years in prison.

The medical profession introduces the word "homosexual" to the English language.

The Idaho Statesman reports the details of Oscar Wilde's sodomy trial in London on the front page.

Early 1900s
Professional female impersonators appear on Boise's vaudeville stage.

A sex scandal rocks Portland's YMCA and is sensationalized by a crusading newspaper. A forerunner of the Boys of Boise episode four decades later.

Two men are arrested for having sex in the Interurban trolley station in downtown Boise. The court transcripts reveals secrets of gay cruising in early Boise.

Dr. Alan Hart comes to Boise to lead Idaho's public health campaign against tuberculosis. Legally married to a woman but born a female, he is a transgendered pioneer.

The Boys of Boise. In Boise, three men are arrested on "moral charges" because they are suspected of having sex with teenage male prostitutes. In the months to follow as many as 1,500 suspected gay men and community members are questioned and the city is sent into a panic as 13 more are arrested. The men, many of them guilty of no more than being gay and having sex with another consenting adult, are charged with "lewd and lascivious conduct" or "infamous crimes against nature." Ten are jailed, some without trial. Many men, including Capitol Building elevator operator Morris Foote leave Boise out of fear for their lives.

Late 1960's
Gays begin mixing with the straight clientele at the go-go bar in the basement of the Idanha Hotel.

On the night of June 27, a riot erupts as a bartender, a bouncer, and three drag queens are being arrested during a routine police raid of the Stonewall Inn gay bar in New York City. The Stonewall Riots become a rally point around which gays begin to speak openly of their existence and their refusal to accept society's denial, harassment, and deprivations; the riots inspire the modern gay liberation movement in the United States.

Connecticut, Colorado, Oregon, Delaware, Hawaii, and North Dakota repeal their sodomy laws and decriminalize same-sex sexual acts.

The weekly newspaper The Intermountain Observer publishes the first major article on Boise's gay community since the Boys of Boise scandal.

East Lansing, Michigan becomes the first location in the country to adopt an anti-discrimination policy that includes sexual orientation.

The American Psychiatric Association removes homosexuality from its list of mental disorders.

Boise's first gay bar, Shuckey's opens in the old Mitchell Hotel, at 10th and Front street. Later renamed The Stoplite, it closes in 1988.

Gays organize a Boise congregation of the Metropolitan Community Church and hold their first public worship service in 1977.

Anita Bryant (Miss America runner-up, pop singer, and orange juice promoter) and her anti-gay Save Our Children organization successfully campaign to repeal a Dade County, Florida gay rights ordinance. Harvey Milk, the best known open gay public official, is elected to San Francisco's Board of Supervisors.

The Boise Seven: Seven female police officers are fired after the police department taps a phone the officers were told was for personal calls. Accused of being lesbians, the women sue the police department for $16 million. The district judge calls the police department's actions "an abysmal operation." He orders the department to pay the seven women the full $16 million, saying "I cannot imagine a city of Boise's size lowering itself to such shenanigans in the 1970's"

Harvey Milk helps to defeat a California initiative that would ban gays from teaching in public schools. Even Ronald Reagan, the former governor, publicly states, "Whatever else it is, homosexuality is not a contagious disease like measles." On November 27, San Francisco Supervisor Dan White assassinates Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone.

On May 21, Dan White is found guilty of two counts of voluntary manslaughter (the lightest possible conviction). One of White's defenses (later known as the Twinkie Defense) in court is that his consumption of junk food (specifically Twinkies, potato chips, and Coca-Cola) intensified his manic-depression which caused him to murder Milk and Moscone.

The Democratic Party adds gay rights to its political platform.

Early 1980's
Several Boise gay and lesbian organizations are born. The Community Center has a house in Hyde Park. The Imperial Sovereign Gem Court ruled the city from Shuckey's and the Stoplight. The Idaho AIDS Foundation raises money and awareness with elaborate drag shows and other events.

The Community Center is founded and begins publishing a monthly newspaper known as "The Paper" then "Out." It is later renamed to "Diversity"

The first case of AIDS is reported in Idaho

Newsweek writes that support for legal protection for gays is "politically hazardous in the AIDS-altered climate" of the period.

The United States Supreme Court rules to uphold Georgia's sodomy law, which prosecutes a case of sex between two men.

Jerry Sweat works to educate Boiseans about AIDS. The community is shocked and saddened, feeling helpless as Jerry becomes the first Idaho man to die from the effects of the virus.

Boise celebrates Pride with a cautious picnic in the park. Ann Dunklin and Brian Bergquist decide it is time to make the festivities a bit more visible. Together with other brave souls they form Your Family, Friends, and Neighbors, inc. to organize Gay Pride and other events.

The First Boise Gay Pride Parade occurs in June. Many people make masks to wear on the streets, Some say they fear the marchers will be shot.

Several Meridian High School teachers are suspended after they invite three women to speak to their classes about lesbian parenting. After a flurry of media attention, the teachers are reinstated. In the following years, the Meridian school board institutes new policies of intolerance toward "diversity" district-wide.

Colorado amends it state constitution to ban local ordinances that protect gays from housing and employment discrimination. Oregon defeats a measure that would also ban protection of gays from housing and employment discrimination.

The Hawaii Supreme Court rules that the state's ban on same-sex marriages is unconstitutional because it violates the equal protection clause of the Hawaii Constitution. The Hawaii Supreme Court also requires Hawaii to show a compelling reason to warrant the sex discrimination in its marriage law.

Boise human rights activists Jen Ray and Mary Rohlfing are beaten during the night by a man in a Halloween mask and slippers in a cabin in Stanley, Idaho. The local sheriff loses key pieces of evidence and no one is ever caught with what local law enforcement admits was a hate crime.

Anti-gay Proposition One is defeated by only a few thousand votes in a statewide election. In spite of overwhelming Republican victories across the state, the community comes together and more than 1,000 volunteers and donors, work with educators, librarians, and human rights supporters to successfully persuade Idahoans to vote NO on the Idaho Citizens Alliance's initiative. The law would have censored school teachers and libraries and made it illegal to protect gays and lesbians from employment and housing discrimination. Today our community is still not protected by state or federal anti-discrimination laws.

The United States Supreme Court overturns the 1992 Colorado referendum while referring to the "rights of persons" protected under the Fourteenth Amendment. In the anticipation that Hawaii will legalize gay marriage, Congress passes the Defense of Marriage Act to ban federal recognition of same-sex couples, and to allow states to ignore same-sex marriages performed in other states. A Circuit Court judge decides that Hawaii cannot show a compelling reason to ban same-sex marriages. However, no marriage licenses are distributed to gay couples because the decision is appealed.

The Idaho Citizen's Alliance, Idaho Family Forum, and Christian Coalition fail to gather enough signatures to qualify a second anti-gay initiative for the Idaho ballot. Their anti-abortion and school voucher initiatives fail as well.

Ellen DeGeneres comes out on her self-titled sitcom. Several Idaho TV stations refuse to air the episode. Still, thousands of us watch, laugh, and rejoice at the thought that parts of our lives are slowly becoming real in the American mind.

Dallas Chase, a prominent Boise activist and "Lesbian Legend", becomes the first Boise lesbian to appear in a national magazine wearing nothing but bubbles.

James DuToit becomes the first openly gay man to run for Boise City Council. He is defeated by opponent Jerome Mapp.

A resolution to include sexual orientation in Boise State University's anti-discrimination statement passes the student Senate and is signed by President Ruch in July.

Hawaii amends it state constitution to extend the power of legislators to restrict marriages to opposite-sex couples.

Professor Peter Boag is awarded a settlement by the Idaho State Board of Education. The Board apparently denied Boag a research grant because he was doing research on turn-of-the-century Idaho gay and lesbian history.

Eagle High School refuses to print an advertisement for Your Family, Friends and Neighbor's Teen group in its student paper. Seniors Travis Riggs and Curtis Langley ask the American Civil Liberties Union for assistance on getting the paper to recognize the students' right to free speech.

The Idaho legislature State Affairs Committee votes against a bill that would include sexual orientation in Idaho's malicious harassment law. Twenty-one states and the District of Columbia include sexual orientation in their malicious harassment laws. Eighteen states, including Idaho, still have sodomy laws that outlaw same-sex sexual acts.

It is still legal for Idaho businesses, most universities, state, and federal agencies to fire employees simply because they may be gay.

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