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Decision makers must focus on important issues including education, healthcare and other urgent issues the state faces and we can help by becoming more visible and dismantling stereotypes about our lives.

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Denying same-sex couples the right to marry in Idaho shuts couples and families out of more than 500 rights, protections and responsibilities. Here are the top 100:

  1. No automatic right to make health care decisions for partner
  2. No automatic right to visit partner in the hospital
  3. No right to sue for wrongful death if partner negligently killed
  4. No right to consent or refuse consent to an autopsy of partnerís body
  5. No vested right to be buried in cemetery plot with partner
  6. No automatic right to inherit cemetery plot
  7. No automatic right to make arrangements for funeral or dispose of deceased partnerís body
  8. No right to donate partner's body or organs after death
  9. No automatic right to inherit deceased partnerís estate
  10. A prior will is not automatically revoked when entering a new relationship
  11. A prior will is not automatically revoked when the relationship ends
  12. No right to be notified in a public notice before partnerís will is destroyed by an attorney
  13. No preference to be appointed personal representative of deceased partnerís estate
  14. No right to continue to live in the deceased partnerís home for one year after partnerís death
  15. No automatic right to notice in matters involving deceased partnerís estate
  16. No right to support from deceased partnerís estate 
  17. No right to demand one-quarter share of partner's estate if will leaves less than that
  18. No automatic right to notice that a conservatorship or guardianship is being filed against partner unless currently living together 
  19. May not get highest preference by court to be appointed as guardian or conservator for incapacitated partner
  20. No right to private visits in long-term care facility
  21. No right to share a room in long-term care facility
  22. No right to file joint tax return
  23. No right to name partner as health care decision-maker when partner is serving as physician
  24. No right to rollover IRA upon partner's death and continue tax deferral
  1. Surviving partner may have to pay inheritance tax when first partner dies
  2. No automatic right to receive deceased partnerís unpaid state salary and other moneys due
  3. No right to maintain deceased veteran's property tax exemption
  4. No right to claim senior or disabled property tax deferral when property is jointly owned but only one partner qualifies
  5. No right to continue deferral of previous taxes deferred by deceased partner even though surviving partner is currently eligible for deferral
  6. No protection against impoverishment if disabled partner needs Medicaid benefits for long-term care
  7. Cannot transfer residence or other assets to partner without causing the disabled partner to become ineligible for Medicaid
  8. When partner who received Medicaid dies, the state can recover the amount paid against the estate of the deceased partner even while the surviving partner is still alive   
  9. No right to require suppliers to repurchase deceased retailerís inventory
  10. Partner of retailer has no cause of action against non-paying suppliers on cancellation of a retailer agreement
  11. Not automatically an ďauthorized driverĒ on partnerís rental car
  12. No absolute right to transfer a franchise or dealership to partner
  13. No right to be a designated successor in deceased partnerís retail dealership
  14. No right to partnerís Oregon Medical Insurance Pool coverage
  15. No automotive personal injury protection benefits for partner
  16. No right to coverage under partnerís health benefit plan
  17. No automatic right to obtain life insurance on partner
  18. No uninsured motorist insurance coverage for partner
  19. No right to spousal cash surrender valuation of term life insurance on partner
  20. No right to coverage under deceased partnerís group health insurance plan. 
  21. No protection for partnerís home in bankruptcy
  22. Private conversations with partner are not protected in court
  23. Conversations with a marriage counselor are not protected in court
  24. No automatic education on fetal alcohol syndrome
  25. No court-ordered counseling upon divorce
  26. No court-ordered life insurance upon divorce
  27. Partner not responsible for family expenses
  28. No automatic paternity for children
  29. Must testify against partner in a court case
  30. Must surrender home to satisfy lien for partnerís unpaid medical treatment in long-term care facility
  31. No right to sue long-term care facility that fails to discharge lien in a timely manner once overdue charges for partner are paid
  32. No right to avoid court appointment of a property manager during foreclosure of partnerís home
  33. No right to maintain a dwelling on EFU (exclusive farm use) property even if occupied by farm operatorís partner
  34. No right to maintain a dwelling in a farm or forest zone even if lawfully created or acquired by the ownerís partner
  35. No right as a partner to a landowner to obtain a ďlandowner preference tagĒ for hunting from the Fish & Wildlife Commission
  36. No right to examine or get copy of autopsy report of deceased partner
  37. No right to receive personal effects from deceased partnerís body
  38. No access to partnerís death record 
  39. No automatic right of survivorship for jointly owned real property
  1. No right to sell property qualified for farm use assessment to partner without disqualification
  2. No right to loss of support payments from the state crime victims' compensation fund if partner killed in a crime.
  1. No right to family therapy from state crime victimsí compensation fund in case of child sexual abuse 

  2. No right to crisis counseling through state crime victims' compensation fund if partner is a victim of international terrorism

  3. No right to exclude capital gain on principal residence based on partner's ownership

  4. Must pay taxes on employer health insurance benefits for partner

  1. No right to receive deceased partnerís wages

  2. No right to deceased partner's wage claim against non-paying employer

  3. No right to work on partner's farm for less than minimum wage

  4. No eligibility for scholarship if partner is disabled or killed on the job

  5. No right to sue for partner's death that was a result of an unsafe workplace

  6. No right to workersí compensation benefits if partner disabled or killed on the job

  7. No right to opt out of workersí compensation insurance as a family business

  8. No right to sue non-employer for negligently killing partner on the job

  9. No right to continue workersí compensation benefits until remarriage if partner is killed or disabled on the job

  10. Required to comply with childcare facility regulations when caring only for partner's children

  11. No automatic right to special retirement benefit after death of partner who was a police officer or a firefighter

  12. No right as unmarried couple with children to be treated as married for workersí compensation rights and benefits

  13. No automatic right to partnerís group insurance provided by public retirement system.

  14. No right to opt out of unemployment insurance as a family business

  15. No right to receive deceased partnerís unemployment benefits

  16. Required to comply with farm labor contractor regulations when working only with partner 

  17. Subjected to employment discrimination laws when hiring partner in family business

  18. Employer can refuse to hire or discharge employee because it employs or has employed partner

  19. No protection through emergency court orders in case of divorce

  20. No tax exemption for dividing property upon divorce

  21. No dividing retirement plans upon divorce

  22. No automatic right to receive partnerís judicial retirement pension

  23. No automatic right to make retirement selection from deceased partnerís public employee retirement benefit

  24. No automatic right to partnerís pre-Medicare insurance benefit provided by public retirement system

  25. No automatic right to partnerís Medicare supplemental insurance paid for by public retirement system

  26. No automatic right to approve partnerís public employee retirement choices

  27. No automatic right to special pre-retirement public employee retirement benefit after death of partner who was a judge

  28. No right for partner of disabled or killed public safety officer to Public Safety Memorial Fund benefits

  29. No automatic right to receive partnerís public employment benefits

  30. No right to retired partnerís health insurance offered by local government employers

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