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Fridays @ 7pm, Channel 11 (CableOne)
Repeats on Monday @ 9pm

Host: Dallas Chase     Producer:  Javier Smith

Produced at:   Treasure Valley Public Access Television



Oct 21st: Queer as Film Festival

Oct 28th: David Johns, Chantel Jones; LGBT Counseling

Nov 4th&11th: Nicole LeFavour on the 2003 Idaho LGBT survey results. (pdf file)

Nov 18th: Duane Quintana.
HIV and AIDS Awareness and Prevention

Nov 25th: Seth Randall, Alan Virta
Boys of Boise Scandal

"Fall of 55"






Outreach and education about transgendered, lesbian, bisexual, and gay people has been a staple of every YFFN project. Putting a human face on the issues, helping Idahoans identify GLBT folks with their families, their friends, and their neighbors has been a difficult task.

So far our mediums have been limited to literature, small group encounters with our Speakers Bureau, and the rare television and radio interview. When we found out that there was a public access channel, Channel 11, we jumped at the chance to start getting some positive programming onto the air. We are now airing at 7pm on Fridays on Channel 11! We still have opportunities for folks to take classes, and get involved! Some shows we have planned are going to be in a educational/documentary format.

Currently we have Dallas talk show which is fairly popular we are told. . Other creative ideas are cooking shows, drag shows, historical pieces, and many others. All are geared toward helping people identify more with their GLBT neighbors, and to helping those dealing with their sexuality and gender identity realize that they are not alone.


We could use all the help we can get so if you're interested let us know! We need writers, actors, set designers, camera operators, etc.   email:

Your Family Friends and Neighbors - email