YFFN Launches Campaign to Educate Idahoans about Same-Sex Marriage
Faith Advertisement Launched in newspapers across the state on June 9th of Pride Week!  Support this effort by donating or volunteering today!


Idahoans are known for their neighborly respect, independent nature, and basic common sense when it comes to the important issues impacting our state, but these core values are under attack from a group claming to be the voice of religious righteousness.


Your Family, Friends, and Neighbors (YFFN), based in Boise, Idaho, is launching a statewide campaign to oppose those that use intimidation and misrepresentation to create fear over the issue of same-sex marriage.


The campaign is known as “A Simple Matter of Equality” and will consist of getting the message of justice placed in newspapers throughout Idaho.  The advertisements began on January 20, 2005, to challenge a campaign of fear being raised around same-sex marriage.


The advertisements will appear in The Idaho Statesman, The Idaho Press Tribune, The Times-News and The Spokesman Review.


The advertisement features a religious leaders (including the Reverend Elizabeth Greene, Dr. Reverend Susan Watterson, Rabbi Dan Fink, and The Interfaith Alliance representatives Pam and Bob Baldwin) with the phrase “We are comfortable enough in our faith to allow same sex couples to marry.” Additional text expands on this theme, ending with tagline, “a simple matter of equality.”


YFFN’s goal is to encourage discourse on the issue often used by the loud voices of ignorance as a wedge issue to divide voters.


 “I’ve heard many arguments against same-sex marriage, but when examined in greater depth they can not be validated as fair or reasonable,” said YFFN co-chair Jim Smith.  “We are confident that when people see these ads they will relate to the message of equality and fairness.”


Those speaking on behalf of family values too often misrepresent the truth and damage the core Idaho values of fair play and independent thinking. 


“Family values extend to all families, not just to those who say they have the single definition of what makes a loving family. Same sex couples wish to marry for the same reasons as heterosexual couples - they love each other and want their family to receive equal protection under the law.”

YFFN expects to continue this campaign through 2006 with other innovative public education advertisements.


Funding for the campaign has come from member donations as well as grants from A Territory Resource, Pride, and most recently the Gill Foundation.  Founded by software entrepreneur Tim Gill in 1994, the Gill Foundation celebrates 10 years of investing in change for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.  With an endowment of approximately $226 million, the foundation is the largest funder of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organizations in the U. S. - and has invested nearly $67 million in nonprofits throughout the country to date.  The foundation was named the 2004 Outstanding Foundation by the Association of Fundraising Professionals - the largest association of charitable fundraisers in the world.


YFFN is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization established in 1989.

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