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Although Idaho has the reputation of being one of the most conservative states in the union, we have managed to escape most of the ugliest anti-GLBTQ legislation from being passed.  In large part this has been to the previous and continuing work of YFFN and coalitions formed with other Idaho Progressive organizations.  We monitor our city, county and state government to prevent discriminatory legislation from being passed and whenever possible to promote legislation that will protect the rights of the GLBTQ community and to extend basic human rights to all of Idahoís citizens.

Additionally YFFN provides education to the non-GLBTQ community about the status of the rights of GLBTQ people in Idaho.  We do this through speakerís bureaus, visiting workplaces or classrooms, conducting workshops and communicating to local media.

Write a letter to the editor: Have a strong feeling that you want to share beyond the people within earshot?  Write a letter to the editor.  Be succinct and clear.  Be positive.  Donít try to debunk stereotypes about the GLBTQ community by listing them, instead state how your life is positive to other people in the world. 
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Lobby Skills and Message Trainings are available to interested people.  Please contact the office if you are interested.

Other Organizations

Other organizations that help with GLBTQ issues:  YFFN is exceptionally grateful to the many other organizations that assist in its activities.  Consider joining these organizations, or donating to them if you do not already do so: ACLU, The Interfaith Alliance, Idaho Womenís Network, United Vision for Idaho.




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