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2004 Legislative Action Alert
Battle To Defeat Homophobic Bill In State Legislature Begins...
Election Year Ploy By Conservative Idaho Legislators Moves To House Vote

homophobic state representative from Eagle, Henry KulzyckRepresentative Henry Kulczyk of Eagle (pictured right) is sponsoring a homophobic amendment to Idaho’s state constitution that will alter the state’s constitution and affect not only same-sex relationships (which are already currently illegal under Idaho code) but will prevent ANY non-marriage relationship from being recognized by the state. 

"This constitutional amendment against gay marriage in Idaho is not about hate," said Judiciary Committee Chairwoman Debbie Field, Republican Representative from Boise (pictured bottom right) interrupted whenever one of those testifying started talking about it in yesterday's preliminary hearing on the subject.

“Sir, it's not about hate,” Field told Robert McDiarmid, a board member on Your Family, Friends and Neighbors, which supports gay rights issues.

“I respectively disagree,” he said.

McDiarmid said this change would look like the anti-Mormon and anti-Chinese parts of the original Idaho Constitution.

“We´ll have to come back years from now to take this hateful language out,” McDiarmid said.

Then, he said, lawmakers would have to explain that it wasn´t about hate.

“No one will believe you,” he said. “Neither should they.”

Voting 10-6, the House Judiciary and Rules Committee voted to send the bill to the floor of the House of Representatives for a vote. This is the first step, of many, that bill proponents need to overcome in order to bring this to the voters in November.

Read the entire text of The Idaho Statesman's coverage of this hearing

Read the entire text of YFFN board member's testimony to the House Judiciary and Rules Committee


Email Representative
Debbie Field
(Republican Representative from
DISTRICT 18 - Boise):
Ask her to explain how a bill designed to openly discriminate against gays and lesbians is not about hate


What Can You Do To Help YFFN Stop This Legislation?

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Countering Right Wing Rhetoric
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Civil Rights or Special Rights?
Click here to learn the difference.  

A "How To" for Those Working to End Oppression By Nicole LeFavour  click here


Legislator Education Day 2002 was 2/12/2002 Click here to read about this year's adventure!

Legislator Education Day Reports
Making our presence known at our state capitol.

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"The Supreme Court struck down Texas' law against intimacy between gay people. It's a huge victory. By saying our relationships are entitled to dignity and respect, the decision makes it far easier to get full equality.  We can't let this opportunity pass.  Push now - for civil rights, recognition of same-sex couples and save schools. "

Click here for more at the ACLU's GET EQUAL website.

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