promoting respect and understanding for all people, especially in
regard to sexual orientation and gender identity

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Gender identity and sexual orientation issues often face a lot of the same obstacles of prejudice and ignorance.

Transgendered people have to deal with more than just sexual orientation issues, but also with the dillemma of gender identity in a society which has some fairly rigid expectations and roles for males and females.

YFFN has done some education on this issue and has tried to be inclusive as possible to the transgendered but has never had the resources to do anything as intensive as Women's Night, Youth Alliance for Diversity, Speak OUT!, or other programs.

In order to fill this gap, that YFFN decided to ally with the existing Tri-States Transgender Group.

We are proud to announce that on January 20th 2001, Tri-States Transgender Group voted to become a project of YFFN.

Tri-States Transgender Group

The primary mission of the Tri-States Transgender Group (TSTG) is to provide support and social interactions for the transgendered community. Our outreach is to the entire spectrum of the transgendered community, their significant others, and other interested individuals, including members of the medical profession. We are centered in Boise, Idaho and the group typically meets twice a month at informal gatherings. We have several members that travel from other locations for meetings.

TSTG meets on the 1st and 3rd Saturday evenings of the month.  Please email: for times and location. 

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Transgender Q&A

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