promoting respect and understanding for all people, especially in regard to sexual orientation and gender identity

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Participating and
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P.O.Box 768
Boise Idaho 83702
(208) 344-4295


youth group calendar

The Youth Group currently meets on Sundays at 4-6pm at The Community Center. The address is 919 N. 27th St. Its on the corner of Jordan and 27th street between Main and State Street.

The group is open to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and supportive youth aged 20 and under.

The youth group is meant to be a support group and a social outlet for its members.

It is intended as a place where youth can receive support from their peers and find positive role models.

Currently the format is either an informal discussion group or social activities.

There are plans for a monthly confidential counseling session and expanded social activities as soon as funding is available and the number of attendees increases.

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To contact the youth group either send us an email:  or call us,  (208) 344-4295 #2.

If you want to send us a letter, here is our address: 

PO Box 768
Boise, ID 83701-0768

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Sunday Aug 15th, 2004

YAD Regular Meeting: 4-6pm
The Community Center 919 N 27th St.
Corner of 27th and Jordan in Boise

Game day!  We will have several board and card games that we think you will enjoy.

Snacks /sodas/fun provided!
Questions? Email us! at

Wednesday, August 11th 7-9pm
Coffee At the Flying M
Corner of 5th and Idaho
Come enjoy some good conversation with other GLBT youth in a public setting.
Questions? Email us! at

Upcoming Events

Scheduled Events:

Aug 15th - Game Day
Aug 22nd - Guest speaker:  Religion
Aug 29th - To be Announced/Movie day?

Sep 5th - To Be Announced
Sep 12th - To Be Announced
Sep 19th - To Be Announced
Sep 22nd - To Be Announced

Email: if you have any questions.