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Tacky T-Shirt  Fall Dance

November 2nd at BSU from 8-12pm

YAD and BGLAD (Boise State University Bisexuals, Gays, Lesbians, and Allies for Diversity) teamed up on November 2nd to  bring you the Fall Youth Dance!

There will be dancing, food, fun, photos! Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered youth will meet and have a great time in a safe, supportive, drug and alcohol free environment.

Check out the details on the right of the page. If you have any other questions, please contact the YAD coordinators at

Keep checking here for details about upcoming dances! (Sometime in the spring of 2002

Here are some pics from the Fall Faerie Ball in October 2000.

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dance details
  • When: April 2nd 8-12pm
  • Where: BSU Student Union Building 
  • Who: Ages 25 and under and all BSU students
  • Tacky T-Shirt Contest! Come wearing your favorite (yet tasteful) storeb ought or homemade 'tacky t-shirt".  We will be having a prize for the best shirt. 
  • Digital Photos! Check to the left for some of them!


  • $5 a person
  • $8 a couple

thank you

A BIG THANK YOU to all the businesses that helped make past dances possible!

Please patronize these businesses and be sure to THANK THEM for their support of YFFN and YAD!

  • House of Flowers Donated a $25 gift certificate
  • Rubber Rainbow Donated three gift packs
  • Newt and Harold's Donated a one-day snowboard rental
  • Boise Blue Art Supply Donated $40 in gift certificates
  • The Flicks Donated two movie passes

Remember to Thank these folks as well:

  • Lindsey - BGLAD President who got us the food, the room, and the sound system!
  • Minerva (aka Judd) - YAD member: did a faabulous drag performance for us!
  • Brian Weatherhead - YAD volunteer: setup and ran the digital photo booth!
  • Ross Stivison - YAD volunteer: volunteered to DJ!
  • Everyone who came and helped do decorations!
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