promoting respect and understanding for all people, especially in regard to sexual orientation and gender identity

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Youth Alliance for Diversity (YAD) Guidelines

Everyone who comes to YAD has a right to feel safe and welcome. To help keep the atmosphere at YAD comfortable for all the youth who come here, the following guidelines have been created:

  1. Language and behavior will be safe and respectful -- both towards yourself and toward others.

  2. We will be peaceful toward another.  We will refrain from loud arguments, threats, harassment, and physical aggression.

  3. We will treat the building and property with respect by not engaging in the destruction, defacement, or theft of any property associated with YFFN or TCC - including the personal property of those attending.

  4. We will talk respectfully about those who are not present.  We will refrain from gossiping and speak for ourselves, not for others.

  5. We will be drug and alcohol free at YAD events.

  6. We will leave weapons in vehicles or safely sheathed or encased.  We will keep firearms away from YAD functions.

  7. We will maintain a noise level that is comfortable for everyone.

  8. We will keep all sexual discussions and displays of affections at YAD events appropriate to any public place.

  9. We will clean up after ourselves. That includes cigarette butts if we smoke.

  10. If we smoke, we will smoke in designated areas and not inside The Community Center.

  11. We will respect the authority of adult volunteers at YAD events.

  12. We understand that these rules apply at all YAD activities whether they occur at TCC or off-site.

  13. We understand that not following the above guidelines may result in temporary or permanent suspension from Youth Alliance for Diversity events.

TCC- The Community Center

YAD - Youth Alliance for Diversity, A project of YFFN

YFFN - Your Family, Friends, and Neighbors, inc.


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