promoting respect and understanding for all people, especially in regard to sexual orientation and gender identity

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Participating and
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Your Family,
Friends & Neighbors
P.O.Box 768
Boise Idaho 83702
(208) 344-4295


About Your Family Friends and Neighbors, inc.

Your Family Friends and Neighbors was founded in January of 1990 with the original purpose of putting on the now traditional Pride Parade and Rally.   Over the years YFFN has expanded with other projects.   In 1993, YFFN started the SpeakOUT! Idaho project to counter the ignorance and prejudice manifesting itself in an Anti-gay initiative.

Over the years, YFFN has expanded to include the Youth Alliance for Diversity,  Women's Night,  Tri-States Transgender, Qtv, Anti-Violence and other projects.   Thanks to our generous donors and dedicated volunteers, YFFN has continued to stand up for and provide services to the GLBT community in Boise and outlying areas.

If you would like to contribute by becoming a key volunteer, a donating member,  a board member, or even all three, please don't hesitate!  YFFN exists thanks to the efforts of many concerned and committed people and will only continue if its ranks are replenished by people with fresh ideas, energy, and new vision.


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