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meet the yffn board!

   Since its inception in 1990, the board of YFFN has been (and is)  full of diversity: gay & non-gay, female & male, geeks & artists, country mice & city mice, children of ultra-conservative homophobes & offspring of gay/lesbian people. However, we could always use even more perspective. If you are considering involvement as a general volunteer or a board member, please contact us at  In working together, we are continuing YFFN's service and outreach within the local LGBT community. And now, without further ado, please meet your all volunteer board of directors:

Amy Herzfeld

A native Idahoan, Amy Herzfeld has been active in statewide progressive movement building for over ten years. Her organizational and campaign involvement, as both employee and volunteer, includes the Boise State University Women's Center, Take Back the Night, El-Ada Community Action Agency, Bob Huntley for Governor, and Idaho's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Survey Project. Amy holds a degree in American History and Gender Studies from BSU and is a recent graduate of Western State Center's Western Institute for Organizing and Leadership Development. Currently, Amy can be found working at the Idaho Nonprofit Development Center and serving on the board of directors of the Idaho Women's Network. She is also busy working as campaign manager for legislative candidate and ally Sean Spence, in his bid for Boise's 17th district, which includes the central bench and BSU. Amy is honored to be the newest board director of YFFN and a member of Boise's queer community.


Jim is happy to finally join the board after being on the receiving side for many years of support and information from YFFN.  Jim has lived in Boise since 1992 and is a professor in the Biology Dept. at Boise State University where he serves as the faculty advisor for BGLAD.  Jim has been with his partner Steve for 6 years.  They celebrated a commitment ceremony in Boise in 1998 and hold a Civil Union License from the state of Vermont. 

Bob McDiarmid

Bob McDiarmid moved to Idaho with his partner, Jon, in the fall on 1999. He was fired from his first job here in Idaho for being homosexual. As a result, he got immediately involved in the community, first as Editor of Diversity (Idaho's gay newspaper), and at the end of his term at the paper joined the board of YFFN. 

He is our webmaster and designs all of our publications and brochures. He is also the chair of the Fund Development Committee.

He brings a focused passion to the board for educating the greater community to break down stereotypes about all types of people. He is proud to be part of an organization that is forward-thinking and always looking for new ways to serve the community.

bio forthcoming  

Kathy Sewell
Kathy Sewell has been active in LGBT politics and the progressive movement for over twenty years.  She moved to Boise from Bozeman, Montana two years ago. During her time in Montana she served as the PRIDE (statewide political organization) chair and was the chair of the Lesbian Caucus for two women’s right consortiums. Since moving to Idaho, Kathy is busy working for a variety of not-for-profits in youth development and programming. She is serving on the YFFN Board as Treasurer and most recently took over the Women’s Night project.
Michelle Trent

bio forthcoming  

Javier Smith

Professionally, Javier is a computer geek. At the same time, he is quite capable of human interface. He has brought those skills with him when assisting several local non-profit organizations, from No On One to Diversity. He has coordinated security for several Pride rallies, marches & festivals. Prior to moving to Boise, he was active in WSU & U of I community organizations. He previously served two years as a board member of YFFN (1993-1995) & returns with renewed energy & purpose (and a wicked wit). Javier helps with the web content for this site.  Send any comments, complaints, or death threats regarding this site to him :). His dreams include bonding with our computers & upgrading our rather outdated hardware & software systems




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